TechyRoo is an innovative digital learning platform equipping students and teachers with computer literacy skills.

About US

TechyRoo is an innovative digital learning platform equipping students and teachers with computer literacy skills. TechyRoo is an educational program that enables kids to learn through simulated-based games in addition to providing teachers with the skills to facilitate TechyRoo’s lessons

Learning Technology

Why TechyRoo?
When it comes to a child’s knowledge and ability to use a computer along with other platforms of technology, there’s a huge gap between where they are and where they need to be…

Students will learn how
technology works

Our Strategic Goals

It’s no secret that engineers, coders, and technologists are now playing an increasingly larger and more important role in our shared society. TechyRoo empowers more children to aspire to these positions by imparting foundational computer literacy knowledge and skills between the ages of 7 and 14.

TechyRoo’s Values


There’s a huge gap between where kids are at and where they need to be in terms of learning technology and I’ve built a platform that will close that gap and create more future technologists over the next several years.

TechyRoo Books

Looking for supplemental learning tools to support your child’s computer literacy education? TechyRoo books are packed with entertaining and educational material that helps children strengthen their computing skills through a series of fun, relatable stories.
Authored by TechyRoo founder and CEO Zaire Green, these eBooks were designed to give young readers the foundational tech knowledge they need to succeed from a young age. Introducing kids to these important concepts early helps spark a lifelong interest in technology that can one day lead to a career in STEM.
Technology plays a huge role in our everyday lives and this is only going to grow more prominent over time. These kid-friendly stories help children understand some of the core IT concepts that impact the world around them by using experiences they can actually relate to. In addition to immense educational benefits, our line of books also offers hours of fun. Ready to start reading? Put your child on an immersive journey to early computer literacy with TechyRoo books today!

Meet Zaire

TechyRoo LLC was founded in 2022 by Zaire Green, a senior network professional with over 20 years of high-level tech experience under her belt. She’s worked with several of the top-rated law firms in New York and has an extensive track record of IT success. Having worked through school while obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Computers Info-Systems, Zaire knows first-hand how difficult it can be to get the STEM education required to succeed in IT. She created TechyRoo to teach kids tech fundamentals and make the journey easier for future generations.
Shortly after launching the company, Zaire wrote an educational children’s book. While doing so, she was inspired to create a next-generation smartphone app for students and teachers. This would ultimately be expanded into the full TechyRoo learning platform.
Zaire knew she wanted to be a teacher from a young age, but was also inspired by her father and opted instead for a career in IT. Since 1999, she has focused on developing high-level computer literacy skills – as the CEO of TechyRoo, she is now able to pass that knowledge down to the next generation.
Through this innovative and continually evolving digital learning platform, Zaire has set a new standard for how students and educators learn computer literacy skills. The platform’s kid-friendly, educator-approved learning curriculum, and supporting books enable children to develop an understanding of technology that goes beyond the surface level.
Most educators and tech-industry professionals understand that children need to start developing those computer literacy skills as early as possible. Zaire decided to actually go out and do something about this – TechyRoo was the result of that.